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Shenzhen Cheer Solar Electronic Co., Ltd.

QC/Technical Support

We have QC to check the goods. And also our warehouse will test every unit before shipment.

Test Equipment

Test items

Testing purposes

Judgement standard

Equipment Sign

Constant temperature and humidity testing machine High and low temperature storage   Verify that the product at high temperature environment adaptability storage conditions     12 function normally required; screen display is normal; the electrical characteristics must meet specifications; appearance, structure need normal
High and low temperature work     Adaptability verify product in high temperature environment conditions of use
Hot and humid work     Adaptability verify product under conditions of constant hot and humid environment
Free drop test machine Free fall    Verify that the product repeatedly falling on the ground of anti-ability  Appearance and boot function must be checked after every fall. Functional test must no significant differences in electrical performance and institutional rupture, debris, separation phenomena, must be able to return to normal function
Key life testing machine Key life    Verify that the product life pressing buttons panel   Key to work properly, and the key surface color and character should not wear off; conductive plastic No cracks / damage; must pass the basic functional testing and integration testing
Plug test machine Peripheral port plug     Verify Peripheral Interface Insertion Force      Peripheral port transmission function must be normal
Charging port plug    Verify charging connector insertion force     Charger function must be normal
Abrasion Tester Wear  Verification test product components surface wear ability No bottomed test surface material, surface and paint should not wear off, Logo printed silk does not allow disconnection defect
100 grid knives Hundred cells      Verify that the product casing surface coating and paint adhesion    Paint / plating layer should be no loss, do not expose the substrate, shedding area of less than 5%
Hardness Tester hardness    Verify that the product casing surface coating and lens hardness      Painting / coating surface can not have off, scratches


Number: 440301112868803
Issue Date: 2015-05-14
Issued By: Shenzhen Market Supervision Administration
Standard: CE
Number: TB11040619
Issue Date: 2011-04-15
Issued By: Shenzhen Toby Technology Co., Ltd
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I am very satisfied as a product, as well as transportation

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Ms. Cathy
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  • NO.673 Bulong Road, Longhua new area, Shenzhen city, Guangdong province, China
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